Live Drawing – Journey Mapping

Live Drawing Card for website

Journey mapping can be in form of either live or pre-arranged drawing. Its purpose is to enhance a presentation in an engaging and interactive way.

Unlike a slide-show presentation, live drawing visuals ARE and REMAIN visible for the duration of the talk, enabling and encouraging the audience to reopen discussions based on newly presented information and clarify points, thus fully understand the subject matter.

With visual representations of the discussed topic appearing before the audience in real time, they feel encouraged to engage in fluid discussions and dynamic participation. This leads to better team work and more questions for the facilitators, resulting in clearer understanding of the subject, making it a successful presentation.

Live drawing can take one of several forms, depending on client’s needs:

  • Pre-arranged: Romeo can draw up the entire journey map leading up to the event on a white wall, white boards, presentation boards or digitally (which can be printed on wall stickers or hand out material); or
  • Live: Attend the event and draw in real time, visually elaborating on the discussed subject matter as the presentation unfolds either on a white board, presentation boards etc.

Following video is an example of a fast-forwarded process of live drawing. This particular journey map was created digitally.

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